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Finn Armitt – Editor-in-Chief

  1. For the past ten years, Finn has covered football and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the sports media. He is renowned for paying close attention to every last detail within his work.

Mike Kebea – Managing Editor

  1. Jagger has a history in journalism and a fervent love for the game of football. He has a talent for uncovering the most intriguing statistics and is constantly looking for fresh, intriguing perspectives of the game to bring attention to. 

Christian Tyler – Head of Content

  1. Christian is a seasoned expert in digital marketing and content production. He contributes a distinct viewpoint to our team and is constantly thinking of new, creative methods to engage our readers and expand our audience.

Tyson Watson – Senior Writer

  1. Tyson is an accomplished writer with a good attention to detail. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and thoughts with our readers and has a thorough in depth understanding of the sport.

Luke Koh – Senior Editor

  1. Luke is a skilled editor with a gift for developing gripping stories. He is committed to giving our users the finest material possible and has an expert knowledge of what they desire.

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